Apartment Steinbock 4

The new modern three-rooms apartment with alpine charm.

This is our new three-room apartment, the biggest we have (85/90 m 2 ), it is recommended to large families or group of friends. The apartment can accommodate from 4 people to 7. There is also the possibility to place a cradle into it.

There are two double bedrooms, one of it with a private bathroom and a shower, a wide living room with a double sofa-bed, a kitchen and a bathroom with a shower and a salt sauna. The apartment is at the ground floor as the reception.

Services included

Washing machine and drying rack, hairdryer, Smart TV and satellite channels (both in living room and bedrooms), floor heating, free Wi-Fi and safe.

Pink Himalayan, healthier air.

By spraying salt into the environment, i.e. releasing salt into the air, an effect similar to that of a maritime climate is obtained: on the basis of its hygroscopic characteristics, salt attracts the moisture particles contained in the air.

When the salt sauna is heated, the humidity evaporates together with the dissolved salt particles, making the environment drier. This would be a disadvantage especially in the winter months, if it were not for the fact that the previously salt free air is enriched with this precious element for the mucous membranes, creating a climate comparable to the maritime one.

A healthy and regenerating environment.

  • Halotherapy, i.e. breathing saline air, improves general wellbeing, specifically it frees the upper respiratory tract, oxygenates the skin and stimulates the detoxification of the body. It is also suitable for children.
  • As heating reduces air circulation, the number of allergens and dust particles in the air also decreases


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